Cobá Ruins
Quintana Roo, México

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CobaA walk from Chichen Itza, actually from Yaxuná, located just south of Chichen Itza, to Coba would take about two and a half days in the hot tropical sun. Yet the ancient Maya made this walk on a regular basis. A sacbé, Maya for "road," actually "white road," connects the two cities. On the other hand, a walk around the ruins of Coba could also take a couple days.

Travel and Tours of Mexico SitesWhat a wonderful city Cobá must have been. Located around one of the few surface water lake systems in the northern Yucatán, a days walk to Tulum on the Caribbean coast, it's no wonder Coba ruled the northern lowlands throughout the Classic Period. Cobá is actually a metropolis made of several closely built centers connected by a series of sacbés. Today most of the site is still largely covered by jungle although restoration to several areas is underway, most notably the Ballcourt in the Cobá Group.

Archaeology of Coba Mayan site of Coba Maya Ruins of Coba

Coba Quintana Roo Coba Sacbe in Coba