Kabáh Ruins
Yucatán, México

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Maya Ruins of Kabah"They were on sale" or so the story goes. Supposedly the builders of Kabáh bought the thousand or so Chac mask stones from the nearby site of sacbé located a mile away by a sacbé, "white road" which connected Kabáh with Uxmal. As a curiosity, the Codz-Poop, "Coiled Mat" in Mayan, or as it is better known today as the Palace of the Mask, attracts many visitors. It is a fairly large building with a back almost as impressive as its front.

Mayan site yucatanThe city would be entered through an arch spanning the sacbé. There are several unrestored buildings scattered throughout including a large pyramid whose shape is similar to the Temple of the Magician at Uxmal. The architectural staling is similar to other Puuc sites. Take a walk along some of the trails and you will find all sorts of unrestored small structures and monuments.

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