Uaxactun Ruins
Peten, Guatemala

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Old AirfieldThe road to Uaxactun is a bumpy ninety minutes even though it's only a 23 kilometer drive. You need a permit to go there. It's free and getting one is just a matter of filling out an application at Tikal's administrative office. In the dry season you'll need the high clearance of a four-wheel drive vehicle; in the rainy season, you're better off taking the bus. Unfortunately the bus leaves from Tikal at three in the afternoon and returns early the next morning. To see Uaxactun by bus you will need two days and the accommodations there are sparse.

Our GuidesThe ruins of Uaxactun are located on either side of an abandoned airfield which also divides the modern village of Uaxactun. As you pull onto the airfield you will be "greeted" by some friendly and eager children trying to sell you their handmade dolls which are quite lovely and worth the price. Since the paths to the ruins are not marked very well, these children will also serve as your guides, taking you through the ruins all the while trying to sell you their dolls.

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