Yaxh Ruins
Peten, Guatemala

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Lake YaxhaYaxh is just about halfway when driving from the Belize boarder to Tikal. A few miles off the main road you will come upon the twin lakes. There is an observation deck along side the road providing the first breathtaking views in Guatemala since crossing the boarder. A little further is the entry to Yaxha. It's free to enter but the gate-man will want you to visit his small museum first. Sign the book and the ruins are about a kilometer up the road. There are guides if you speak Spanish.

Mayan site of YaxhaOnce an important Maya site providing much of the food for the people of the Peten, Yaxha is currently being restored. One can see ongoing archaeological work and, if you are there at the right time, you can enter the excavation tunnels with the field workers. Yaxh has some of the tallest structures in the Maya world, most of them have excellent views of Lake Yaxha.

Maya, Yaxha Yaxha Ruins